Music Business Consulting

Music Business Consultations

One-on-one coaching for artists and label consulting giving over 23 years of experience as an indie artist manager and label consultant. My goal is to provide you with as much wise counsel and industry insight to help you make the best decision for your music career. There will be an evaluation of artists current skill set in all areas such as : 


Stage Performance

Media Interview Etiquette

Work & Business Ethics

Image Building

Management Scouting


 Career Advice and Guidance

 Content Development

 Contract Negotiations

 Creative: Art, Photography, Graphics, Design, Packaging, etc.

 Distribution: Digital and Physical


 Label Services

 Legal and Business Affairs

 Licensing: Content, TV/Film, Advertising, Video Game, etc.

 Music Publishing

 Photography (Promo)

 Promotions: Radio, Video, etc.

 Team Building and Motivation

 Artist Scouting

 Music Videos (Distribution)

Free 20 min consultation before providing a custom learning session package. $50-$100 per hour Inquire about exclusive consulting service. Quotes for services available after free consultation.

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