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As a Certified Life Coach and CBT, I have learned the value of positive thinking and having pure stability. I just completed my second book "PsychoAnalytic & Behavioral Therapies" dealing with the things just mentioned. This is for anyone who's human and goes through everyday trials and tribulations. It's not crazy to be mentally drained and burnt out. It happens!!! This first installment of my self-help book just gives a person insight on a variety of issues from regular people to even famous people deal with. It just puts a name to the situation.

I have worked over a decade as a spiritual counselor and served as a volunteer for a nonprofit organization giving back to the public. In this industry I have truly grown as a person helping others with personal trauma, and struggles in life that needs someone to truly listen to what's going on internally. My goal is working to start the healing process once a breakthrough is made, and provide the necessary tools to never repeat the past. It's not just a job to me!! I truly care and once my clients and I connect they become family. For family I journey the extra mile until WE find a healing place. We can discuss all issues that require attention!!! The greatest thing someone could ever do is love themselves and invest in their happiness. It's time!!!!

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